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Who makes the best vacuum storage bags?

The brand name ones are always a better coice than the cheaper alternatives.  You get a lot more use out of them and they are more durable.

Where can I buy vacuum storage bags?

You can buy vacuum storage bags from us!

What size vacuum storage bag for double duvet?

You would be best off with the xl or jumbo sized vacuum storage bag for a double duvet.

How good are vacuum storage bags?

Vacuum storage bags are very good judging by the amount we sell and the emails we get!

How do vacuum seal storage bags work?

Vacuum seal storage bags work by removing all the air in bulky items.  Doing so reduces the amount of space they take up.  They are then sealed so more air cant get in.

Do vacuum storage bags ruin pillows?

No vacuum storage bags don't ruin pillows.  Pillows will fluff back up on their own usually once removed from the bag.

Do vacuum storage bags reduce weight?

No!  The item will still weigh the same just be more compact.  Important to consider if using them in luggage.

Do vacuum storage bags damage duvets?

No, vacuum storage bags don't damage duvets. provided you follow the instructions properly.

Do vacuum storage bags damage clothes?

No, vacuum storage bags don't  damage clothes.  They simply store them more compactly!

Do vacuum storage bags crease clothes?

Vacuum storage bags can crease clothes, it depends how you fill the bags.  Items folded neatly are less likely to crease.

Do vacuum seal storage bags work?

Yes vacuum seal storage bags do work.  Just ensure you don't over fill and follow the instructions correctly.

Do vacuum packed storage bags ruin clothes?

Vacuum packed storage bags don't generally ruin clothes, it all depends on how you pack them and what you are packing.

They all come with instructions so it is best to follow them to ensure they are used correctly.

Do the vacuum storage bags work?

Yes the vacuum storage bags work!  We sell loads of them to many happy customers all over the UK!

Can you take vacuum storage bags on a plane?

Yes you can take vacuum storage bags on a plane.  In fact the roll up ones are perfect for this.  Just watch the weight limits.

Can you reuse vacuum storage bags?

Yes you can reuse vacuum storage bags!

Can vacuum storage bags kill bed bugs?

Theoretically vacuum storage bags could kill bed bugs if the vacuum bag was completely devoid of air as they require oxygen.

We recommend an expert if you have bed bugs as they can be tricky to get rid of!

Can vacuum storage bags be reused?

Yes vacuum storage bags can be reused.  Though we wouldn't recommend daily use, they can be used again and again.

Will using travel vacuum storage bags make my suitcase lighter?

Unfortunately not!  It just reduces the amount of space the clothing takes up.  Infact you will probably find you suitcase gets heavier as you can fit more items in it!

Can I keep my clothes wrinkle-free in the vacuum bag?

Yes. When clothes are folded and placed neatly in the bag, they will compress neatly.

What items cannot be stored in vacuum bags?

Do not use vacuum bags to store food items or items made of leather or fur. If you have questions regarding the effects of vacuum-storage on a specific item, check with the manufacturer.

Precaution: Items filled with down and feathers can be vacuum-sealed, but compressing them more than about 50% may damage feathers and reduce their insulating ability.

How much does vacuum bag reduce volume?

Volume can be reduced by up to 100% to double your storage space, depending on the items placed in the bag. Filled comforters and jackets will compress more than blankets and sweaters.

How long can I store my belongings in a vacuum bag?

If you keep dust out of the valves, ensure that no sharp objects can puncture, and seal the zip completely, vacuum bags are designed to perfectly protect your possessions for many months.

All bulky items should be taken out and shaken at least once a year before repacking to restore.

Are vacuum bags reusable? Will they wear out?

Vacuum bags are made of a laminated material with ultra-tough construction which is resistant to tears or punctures. There are no mechanical parts to wear out. They can be reused hundreds of times.

Are pilows and duvets damaged in vacuum bags?

No they aren't.  They may get creased a bit and flattened, but once out the bag and fluffed up a bit they will retain their normal shape.

Are vacuum pack bags allowed on airplanes?

Of course you can use them. Just be aware of what you are packing so that there is nothing in one which could set of an inquiry by the security team. Keep any electrical items outside the bags for example and pack just soft items like clothes in the vacuum bags. Watch the weight allowance is not exceeded, those bags make it all too easy to keep filling the case!

Will vacuum bags work for clothing?

All of our vacuum bags will work well with clothing. However, if you're traveling then make sure that you will be able to get clothes back into the bag and vacuum packed no matter where you go. This may mean carrying around a manually operated vacuum pump or opting for the "rollable" vac bags. Make sure that it doesn't take up more room in your backpack than you save, and make sure it's a sturdy type which is unlikely to break if the backpack drops three stories onto concrete.

Are vacuum bags a good idea to store stuffed animals?

Vac Bags are perfect for storing stuffed toys. They keep air out for a really long time and it will not crush them permanently.

A tip - no matter which method you go with, place a fabric softener sheet in with the animals. When you open the bag later, they will all smell very fresh.

Can you use vacuum space saver bags in your carry on luggage?

Space saver vacuum bags can compress things as much as 100%. They are good for checked or unchecked luggage. The good advantage of the bags is their transparency. The clear bags make it easy for security to see whats in the bags without handling the contents.

Can I keep my shoes in vacuum bag?

You could, but I recommend against it.

First - I have no idea what kinds of shoes you wear or what kinds of soles they have, but I have <> had the soles of shoes disintegrate. I have had some leather shoes for 20 years and the only thing that wears out the soles is walking in them.

Second - putting shoes into plastic bags (even with the air mostly removed) may very quickly lead to mold or mildew forming on/in the shoe. There is a lot of moisture from feet that gets absorbed by the shoe material. If that moisture has no where to evaporate to, then it will remain in the shoe and lead to mold or mildew which will wreck the shoe.

If you decide to go ahead with this, then you need to make sure the shoes are dry, AND include multiple packets of moisture absorbing material inside each bag. Silica Gel is one common material that is frequently included with commercially packed items. I don't know where you might buy that, but I'm sure an internet search would give you leads.

What can I put inside a vacuum sealed bag to help keep moisture out more?

You would think the silica gel packs that come in shoe boxes would be ideal, but they only absorb small amounts of humidity, not substantial wetness or moisture. They don't "keep out moisture", only soak it up in small amounts.

A much better option it cat litter. It is designed to absorb moisture and odor and a great many contain silica gel. Just place some in a cotton drawstring bag and place it in the middle of the items you are going to vacuum seal.